Norah Jones - Flame Twin lyrics

[Verse 1]
I am the runner, you are the chaser
My twin in flames 'til we meet again
I am the lost, you can't be found
My twin in flames, lift me from the ground

[Verse 2]
You are the hider, I am the seeker
My twin, I'm in flames, I'm rolling about
I have a name, you call me by none
My twin, I'm on fire, come put me out

[Verse 3]
As God as my witness, I try to be strong
But my twin, I'm on fire, don't string me along
Wake you from slumber, you fall so hard
Twin, we're in flames, we've gone too far

[Verse 4]
My pockets are empty, your heart is stripped bare
My twin in flames, we're not even there

[Verse 5]
Can't see past the border or smoke
My twin inflamed who I'm sorry I woke
The circle continues as plain as can be
My love, let me go, I should let you be

[Verse 6]
You are the runner, I am the chaser
My twin in flames 'til we meet again