Logic - GP4 lyrics

Smash the window of that fire ride
Just to see what we can snatch from up inside
'Til the flashin' lights come 'round that corner then we run and hide
Prayin' to God up in Heaven, eleven at night and I got no alibi
My damn, dip to Stewart Town
Best not come 'round these parts if you new in town
Wonder what my homies from back in the day livin' at, are doin' now
Running with my sister Jeannie, schooling me like Mr. Feeny
This is the first time I heard a gunshot on the block
Growing pains (Three), this the type of shit don't never stop
Here come the cops
Shooting up the hood like Black Ops
'Cause trigger-happy police tend to trigger happy people
And some people who believe we not equal shoot up the steeple
My God, if you exist then why do you make life so hard?
If you exist the way you think is avant-garde
If you exist you got a funny way of showing it
What happens in the afterlife?
These people think they knowin' shit
And on that note, I keep it G
Like track four, "Kick in the Door" by Notorious B.I.G.
Don't believe me, look that shit up, I promise you'll find the key
To that punchline, feelin' just fine
Let the abyss of my mind, my mind consume
Snap my fingers like Thanos and Bobby Boy bringin' the doom
'Cause I'm 6:30, killin' shit, hands down and dirty
That white boy can't rap, he talk good and act nerdy
I just texted Erykah Badu
To let her know what I'm gon' do
Sample "Dreamflower" by Tarika Blue
That's cool with you?
Yeah, that's fine, baby, all gravy
Long as you know you my baby
And I beat yo' daddy like if he ever cheat on me
I mean she don't own the sample but she might as well
'Cause her and Dilla paved the way for all I got, and, well
I'ma show my gratitude, no attitude, no auto-tune like T-Pain
Doin' Unplugged, I'm unplugged, like Trinity
Wonder how the people gonna remember me, goddamn
Switch up the plan
We all say it, we all claim it but it's no use
The greatest rapper alive is probably stacking produce
Introduce you to my train of thought
Snapping on a track like the illest conductor
With no contradiction
I brought my heart to the table
Fact and never fiction, fuck a fable
Ready and willing you better believe I'm able to spit
Power through these lines faster than fiber-optic cable, I'm gone

You and me
Gon' live together in this perfect harmony (I hear 'em callin')
I can hear 'em callin' me
We've come a long way since H.O.C. (Watch)
You and me
Gon' live together in this perfect harmony (I hear 'em callin')
I can hear 'em callin' me
We've come a long way since H.O.C. (Watch)

From the bottom
When you come from the bottom, you ain't get no chances, man
I'ma do this shit 'til the Fourth Of July, blow up straight to the sky (Watch)
Nigga fuck it, we high
I remember when a nigga had to ask for money
It's been a long time since I had to do that shit (Watch)
This shit ain't free
I got the roof over my head and a bed, nigga, my bitch givin' me head
I'd rather get money instead
Man, it's Bobby Boy Records in this bitch
Y'all niggas better write this shit down (It don't matter)
'Cause 10 years from now, we on top
And we ain't never gon' stop
All money in (Watch)

[Outro: Thalia]
This album marks the reunion of Logic and No I.D.
For the first time in six years
Since the inception of its predecessor