Kenny Chesney - Guys Named Captain lyrics

[Verse 2]
Guys named Captain aren't haters, they're lovers
Livin' life large, but largely undercover
Dive bars and cocktails, waitresses and tall tales
Chasin' the sun, run aground or full sail like

Captain Outrageous and Captain Tony
A painter and a sailor, old Key West cronies
Floatin' on the breeze, the salt of the sea
Ornery, tattooed, and laughin'
Guys named Captain

[Verse 3]
Casanovas and entrepreneurs
Full of bravado, that's half the allure
The wink of the eye, a shadowy past
Laugh lines from blowin' smoke up your glass

Like Captain Blind, Captain Kid
Mutiny on the Bounty, loose cannons in the wind
Buccaneers with nothing to fear
He'll go down with the ship, last man standin'
Guys named Captain

Guys named Captain have sons and daughters
Flesh and blood, like my father
Captain Vick, who played the mandolin
And when they're gone, man, you miss them
Guys named Captain

Guys named Captain