BONES - SixFeetDeep lyrics


[Verse 1]
Screaming "Fuck the World!"
Over it, for sure
Bitch, I do not want to hear it (hear it)
Feelings that occur in me everyday
I can no longer conceal it (ceal it)
Razor in my mouth, rage inside my heart
They be so sick I can't feel it (feel it)
Burning down your life, spells that I recite
I am the Witch that you're fearing, bitch
AK banging, now you can't hear shit
Cut off your limbs, now you can't do shit
White glove killer, you can't prove it
Knock you off cause I'm on my shit
Chop you up, put you in the woods
I am [?] knew I would
White motherfucker, from the pipe motherfucker
Goodnight motherfucker, sweet dreams
Looking at my life, I'm so fed up
Foot on your throat, Bones don't let up
Slipping and falling, you can't get up
She tell you "no” but she gon' let us
Drop you to the ground, let me see what you got
Talking all that shit, okay I'm finna see what you're not
Jamming like a Hi-Point, cut through and burn up your spot
Look me in my eyes, boy you see a corpse that is rotten
Try your best but can't stop it
Slam that blade like a locker
Got no need for no chopper
Got a million razors, that's options

All night long
All night long
All night long
All night long