BONES - Pufferfish lyrics

[Verse 1: Bones]
Fuck do you mean you been gettin' it
Little boy, you must be kiddin' me
Broke bitch, you the epitome
Saw your bitch page and she pinnin' me
SESH never run out of energy
Bones never run out of enemies
Talkin' that no don't offend me
Money that's only that makin' me
I gotta dash
I gotta go
Water my neck overflowin'
You got a check, you got a tour
But your label still you be owin' em
I could go on
Need I say more?
You're insecure and you're showin' it
You should invest it
You should be savin'
But it's that I see you blowin' it
Out to the truck
Weed in the blunt
When you on SESH, you do what you want
Don't give a fuck
Your boy is a bum
His music is shit and his house is a dump
Load up them guns
Run and come find me
I'm in the house with the pool behind it
Multiple rooms it's a task to find me

[Verse 2: Ice Watch]
Ice Watch
I got a bitch from the sticks (Sticks)
She cook the shrimp with the grits (Grits)
You niggas brag about steaks (Steaks)
I feed that shit to my pits (Assholes)
Might take a flight to an Island (Island)
You might carpool in a Lyft
These bottles a thousand a sip (Sip)
Smell like money take a whiff
Weed and shit you can't get (Get)
Pufferfish with the asparagus (Asparagus)
Been that nigga for a long time (Long time)
All my merch, your bitch's wearin' it (Wearin' it)
Ice Watch you hilarious (Hilarious)
Debonair and nefarious (Nefarious)
Must I remind you that I been that nigga
Okay I been that nigga for a long time
Your bitch know all my song titles (Song titles)
Album links and song times (Song times)
She only bump you sometimes (Sometimes)

[Outro: Ice Watch]
Wait a minute
What's that about?