BONES - Eiffel65 lyrics

[Verse 1]
Eiffel 65, baby I'm blue
Had a dream, that I woke up in my tomb
And I was happy, like for once, I wasn't doomed
Then I came to, and knew it wasn't true
But look at me and know I do not fuck with you
Keep that tool, up in my fruit of the loom
Like Lil O, back back, give me room
In this rat race, I would rather lose
Than be like you, than be like you
I would take my life, if I woke up in your shoes
I'd be a due, it's so upsetting
Thinking these materials you acquire make you better

[Verse 2]
Eiffel 65, baby I'm azul
I don't know how to crush, still that fresh pressed juice
Knock him off, and give SESH the best news
You wouldn't believe what happened even if I told you
There was blood up on the floor, there was mud up on my boots
Took a trek through the woods, just to show 'em how we do
We too deep, when we move
PP3 coming soon
Red dot, like I'm recording
Aim it at you, then I zoom
Freeze frame your life
Wish you could rewind
Eject you from the game, we just living to die
Bloodshot my eyes, I tell no lies
The day I go, stay tuned and watch the dead man rise