BONES - ChokeHold lyrics

Looking like the Bogeyman, all black hoodie man
Lurking in the motherfucking darkness
Always wanna get it man, shit ain’t all goodie, man
Matter a fact, it's far from it
Straight up out the morgue, pale white corpse
Your bitch hooked to me like phonics
High to the be where it's darkened
Sunlight, I wish I could stop it
Drop down to the earth like a comet
We solid, we rock like onyx
Life is a lie, to be honest
There's a reason I tend to be violent
I been, coping with the fact I'm here
Everyday is a new nightmare
Life is a bitch, she don't fight fair
Sometimes I despise the concept of air

Please, put me in a choke hold
I don't wish to be here no more
Please, put me in a choke hold
I wanna go and never come home