Action Bronson - Splash lyrics

"Splash" by Baklava
Man, woman, whatever
"Splash" by Baklava
"Splash" by Baklava
Man, woman, whatever

[Part 1]
Butt naked divin' off boats (Ah)
Butt naked rippin' up the slopes (Ah)
'Til I got the toast (Yeah)
I'll ride horse like Navajo (Uh)
The saddle got big guns [?] (Woo)
One whistle bring the cattle home
I'm like a ninja turtle, battletoad (Woo)
T-tops on the black Camaros (Woo)
Spinnin' shit like a hammer throw (Uh)
Smash pussy like cantilope (Uh)
I'll eat your cookies, fuck the Santa note, uh (Yeah, man)
It smells so good like mama cookin' (Uh, uh, uh)
Rest in peace to the Mamba
Might dunk on a motherfucker's head in your honor (Uh)
Scout's honor (Uh)
Make the whole park hoot and holla, uh

"Splash", a new fragrance by Baklava
"Splash" by Baklava